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danah boyd

danah boyd

::wave:: Hello world! Welcome to my MSR profile. I'm a researcher here at Microsoft Research New England. Most of my work focuses on people's everyday practices involving social media with an emphasis on understanding youth culture. I am a social scientist who uses methodologies and theories from anthropology, communications, cultural studies, media studies, sociology, and perhaps a few other disciplines along the way.  I am particularly fond of studying practices in the context of social media phenomena because I enjoy watching the evolution of practice. Much of my fieldwork involves a set of familiar technologies and genres of social media: Twitter, social network sites, Facebook, MySpace, tagging, blogging, Friendster, email, Usenet.  I don't really study the technologies themselves, but the practices involved when people use them. That said, I've learned a lot about the technologies in the process. I'm also a geek so it comes with the territory.  Heck, I've been blogging since 1997 and online since I was a teen. (Oh, and there's that computer science degree... let's not forget that...)  But anyhow, you're not here to hear me ramble. In fact, I'm not sure if you're even here.

If you are here, please know that this page is woefully incomplete (and most likely out of date).  If you're really trying to get a sense of what it is that I do, I really recommend heading over to my personal website at   

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