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Dennis Crain

Dennis Crain

I am currently working on very interesting cloud technologies that permit computation on personal data such that models of behaviors, interests and intentions emerge that drive personalized services not possible today using single-service interactions.

In the recent past I have focused on the MSR Shared Computing Resources program - a very large compute cluster composed of over 10K cores and one petabyte of storage providing computational services to MSR labs world-wide.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research I was a member of the Windows High Performance Computing team. I have been at Microsoft for eons and during the course of that time I have come to appreciate the passion and innovation that defines Microsoft. My interests include parallel computing, system tool development and the use of mobile devices and large scale computation in healthcare.

Brief Biography

Dennis Crain is a Senior Research Program Manager on the eXtreme Computing Group  (XCG) in Microsoft Research. During his tenure at Microsoft he has been an intern, a developer, product and program manager and author.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he designed and developed medical software at a small startup after having served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy.

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