Darren Gehring

Darren Gehring


Test Manager
Advanced Development Team Gavin Jancke GM Engineering in Research
Microsoft Research, Redmond
Test Team:  Rick Gutierrez, ThuVan Pham, Irina Spiridonova, Chuck Needham
email: darrenge_NO_SPAM@microsoft.com (remove _NO_SPAM) to email me.
Twitter: @DarrenGehring
Work: 425-703-4986
University of Idaho Alumni Profile


Publicly announced projects

Skype Translator
Star Wars for Kinect  - Dance recognition research used in it.  Check deep in the credits of the game.  :)
Kinect SDK for the PC 
Picture Password in Win 8 - originally in Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0.
Gadgeteer Visual Studio Designer
Tag (result of HCCB)
Project Tuva
WorldWide Telescope
High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) - (HCCB in Museum of Modern Art)
Response Point Phone System(RIP)
Diff IE
MS Research Group Shot
Network Embedded Sense Web
OMM (Outlook Mobile Manager)
Social Meetings
Prediction Modeling

Internal \ Secret projects






Acknowledgments in Publications

SensorNet 2.0
Value tensions in design: the value sensitive design, development and appropriation of a corporations's groupware system
Real-time classification of dance gestures from skeleton animation
ZOZZLE: fast and precise in-browser JavaScript malware detection
Zozzle: Low-overhead mostly static JavaScript malware detection  

Patents Pending

Interactive Presentations


Microsoft Career

1995-2000 - SQL Server Tools (6.0, 6.5, 7.0, SQL 2000)
2000-2005 - SQL Server Replication (SQL 2005)
2005 - Present - MS Research - Advanced Development Team


Misc for myself:
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