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Dan Liebling

I work as a Research Software Engineer in the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search group. My daily work involves very large scale data mining, prototyping new search and information management applications, and looking at eye tracking as input.

I received a MS from University of Washington (Computer Science) and a BS from California Institute of Technology (focus: Computation and Neural Systems).

Selected projects

Our Hack the Commute project, Bikeraxx, won honorable mention. It showed a low cost way to sense if the bike racks used on buses are full. You can see a fun Sway about it.

Among other gaze tracking work, how gaze and mouse vary (or not) in the open world.

I'm proud to have contributed to gaze-based assistive technology, the winner of our company's first annual global hackathon.

For Kinect V1, the Kinected Browser toolkit helps you author Kinect-enabled Web pages.

Our research (WWW '10, CIKM '10) turned into the Bing Adaptive Search.

Diff-IE was a successful plugin for Internet Explorer! Browsers (still) do a poor job of exposing how pages change, but the Diff-IE Add-on showed you how a page changed since you last visited it.

Twahpic was a fun way to visualize topics on Twitter.