Dahlia Malkhi

Dahlia Malkhi


1288 Pear Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Tl: (650) 693-1362   Fax: (425) 936-7329



Dahlia Malkhi, PhD, works on algorithmic aspects of distributed computing and reliability since the early nineties.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research, Dr. Malkhi was an associate professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1999-2007), left for a brief sabbatical, but was bitten by the Silicon Valley bug and remained at Microsoft. At MSR, she is working on robust large-scale distributed systems infrastructure. She holds a PhD (1994), M.Sc and B.Sc in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, making her the only CS faculty to return to the Hebrew U. for all four academic stages. Dr. Malkhi was elected an ACM fellow in 2011, received the IBM Faculty award in 2003 and 2004 and the German-Israeli Foundation (G.I.F.) Young Scientist award in 2002.

Dr. Malkhi serves on the editorial board of the Distributed Computing Journal since 2002. In the past, she chaired LADIS 2012 , Locality 2007, PODC 2006, Locality 2005 and DISC 2002. Some past keynotes:

  • Keynote speaker, SSS  '12
        What happens when distributed systems go elastic?
  • Keynote speaker , DISC 2011
       CORFU: Going Beyond Paxos
  • Invited speaker, LADIS '2011 
       CORFU: Transactional Storage at the Speed of Flash
  • Keynote speaker, IPTPS '10, San Jose, CA.
        Backend Consistency for Large-Scale Live Services
  • Inivited speaker, TADDS 2010, Boston, MA. 
        Dynamic Reconfiguratoin in Distributed Systems
  • Invited speaker, A 30-Year Perspective on Replication, Ascona, Switzerland, 2007. 
        Virtually Synchronous Paxos
  • Keynote speaker, SMP 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
        FairPlay - A Secure Two-Party Computation System
  • Keynote speaker, WDAS 2004, Lauzanne, Switzerland. 
        Locality Aware network Solutions
  • Keynote speaker, RCDS 2002, Osaka, Japan. 
        From Byzantine Agreement to Practical Survivability