Christopher McEwan

Christopher McEwan

I am a post doctoral researcher in the Biological Computation group at Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

I am primarily interested in developing computational methods to progress understanding of fundamental immunology.

A computer scientist by training, a closet applied mathematician, and inducted in the ways of wet-lab biologists, I do not believe that any one discipline will be sufficient to understand immunology. 

I do believe that problems are only as difficult as the methods you apply to them.

We have as much to learn about mathematics and computer science from tackling problems in experimental biology, as biologists have to learn from the application of our techniques.


Before coming to Microsoft I worked as part of David Klatzmann's I3 group at l'Hopital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris. I completed my Ph.D at Edinburgh Napier University, supervised by Prof. Emma Hart and examined by Prof. Andy Hone.