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Christoph Rhemann
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I am a Researcher at Microsoft (Redmond, US) where I am part of the interactive 3D technologies (I3D) group. My work straddles the boundary between research and technology transfer. My collaborations include Xbox, HoloLens and Surface. I am interested in applied computer vision applications with a focus on depth estimation and image/video segmentation.

Before moving to the US, I was a PostDoc researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK). Before joining Microsoft I did another PostDoc at Vienna University of Technology. I also finished my PhD studies in Vienna under the supervision of Margrit Gelautz (TU Vienna) and Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research).


Today we showed holoportation to the world! The era of 3D communications and living memories is here! We can teleport people live in full 3D to any place, record the whole session and live our memories later on, whenever we want! Imagine being able to teleport to any place, with anyone, at any time! it is real and it is already here:

2 papers accepted for CVPR 2016 (orals)
1 paper accepted for SIGGRAPH 2016

Very proud of my contributions to the HoloLens product that was recently announced. I spent time embedded with the product group, working on many parts of the platform.


2015  Microsoft HoloLens was announced. It was an honor to contribute to this great project. I spent time embedded with the product group, working on many parts of the platform.
2014  SIGCHI Best of CHI Best Paper Award for paper "RetroDepth: 3D Silhouette Sensing for HighPrecision Input On and Above Physical Surfaces" (paper is among the top 1% of all submission to CHI 2014)


Best paper award at Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP) for paper “Learning an Interactive Segmentation System”

2011  Best paper award at OAGM/AAPR Workshop for paper “Segmentation-based Depth Propagation in Videos” 


PhD Thesis awarded the “GIT price” by the Austrian Electrotechnical Association

2006 – 2009

Microsoft Research European PhD Scholarship


Vienna University of Technology:

Nominated for Outstanding Master Thesis Award

 Recent Projects













    • Michael Zollhöfer, Matthias Nießner, Shahram Izadi, Christoph Rhemann, Christopher Zach, Matthew Fisher, Chenglei Wu, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Charles Loop, Christian Theobalt, and Marc Stamminger, Real-Time Non-Rigid Reconstruction Using an RGB-D Camera, in ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014 (TOG) , ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, August 2014.
    • Christian Rendl, David Kim, Sean Ryan Fanello, Patrick Parzer, Christoph Rhemann, Jonathan Taylor, Martin Zirkl, Michael Haller, and Shahram Izadi, FlexSense: A Transparent Self-Sensing Deformable Surface , UIST, June 2014. Best Demo Honorable Mention
    • David Kim, Shahram Izadi, Jakub Dostal, Christoph Rhemann, Cem Keskin, Christopher Zach, Jamie Shotton, Tim Large, Steven Bathiche, Matthias Niessner, Alex Butler, Sean Fanello, and Vivek Pradeep, RetroDepth: 3D Silhouette Sensing for HighPrecision Input On and Above Physical Surfaces, ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2014 (Best Paper Award), April 2014. Best of CHI Best Paper Award