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Ceren Budak

Ceren Budak

Bio/Interests: Ceren received her PhD in computer science from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012. She is interested in building data-driven solutions to address challenges that arise in complex systems, with a particular focus on social systems. This goal has driven Ceren to focus on diverse areas of research such as data mining, theoretical computer science, statistics and databases. She has been applying these techniques to tackle problems such as modeling the diffusion of information, trend detection and optimization problems in the context of online social networks. Recently, she has been working on the following three research questions:

  • Quantifying Selection Bias and Slant in U.S. News Media
  • Pluralism and Solidarity in Social Movements: A Case Study of the Gezi Uprising in 2013.
  • Estimating the Economics of Third-Party Advertising and the Potential Impact of Do-Not-Track on Online Advertising