Carsten Rother

Carsten Rother

I have moved to Germany and will start the new Computer Vision Lab Dresden (CVLD) as full (W3) Professor.
I am looking for PostDocs and PhDs. If you are interested, please see the labs activity here, and get in touch with me under:

At Microsoft I was a senior researcher in the Computer Vision Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge/UK. My interests are in the areas:

Please see links: Code and Data | Bio | Talks (slides for teaching can be found below)

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  • OPEN POSITIONS: please see here
  • Our CVPR 13 paper on discriminative non-blind deblurring one the best student paper award.
  • Our BMVC 12 paper which combines PatchMatch and Belief Propagation (PMBP) won the Best Industrial Impact Prize award.
  • Our Regression Tree Fields (RTF) work (ECCV '12) improves considerbly state-of-the art for image denoising techniques.  
  • Book: "Markov Random Fields for Vision and Image Processing", MIT Press is now available.




  • An extension of GrabCut shipped with Office 2010 (powerpoint, word, outlook, excel) and is called Background Removal ... (see info). Note, a Technical Report is available which discusses details of it.

  • AutoCollage 2008 - a Microsoft Research product ... click here


- Best Student Paper Award: Discriminative non-blind deblurring, CVPR 13
- Industrial Impact Prize: PatchMatchBP. BMVC 2012
- Best Paper Award: Learning an Interactive Segmentation system, Indian Conference on Computer Vision, 2011.
- Best paper honourable mention award: Image-based 3D modelling with Eno Toeppe, Martin Oslwald, and Daniel Cremers. ACCV 2010.
- Olympus Award 2009 from the Germany Association for computer vision (DAGM)
- Best paper honourable mention award: Do life-logging technologies support memory for the past? An experimental study. CHI 2007.
- Best paper honourable mention award: Bi-layer segmentation of binocular stereo video. CVPR 2005.

PhD students

Michael Hornacek (TU Vienna) | Mikhail Sindeyev (Moscow State University) | Uwe Schmitt (TU Darmstadt) | Lena Tretyak (MPI Tuebingen)

Graduated PhD students

Christoph Rhemann (TU Vienna) | Sara Vicente (UCL) | Frederic Besse (UCL) | Eno Toeppe (TU Munich)

Scientific duties

Editor: PAMI 
Area Chair: ECCV 2012, ICCV 2011, DAGM 2010-12, BMVC 2009-12
Reviewer: Siggraph, CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, PAMI, IJCV, Eurographics, BMVC, DAGM, etc.


- Advanced Computer Vision Course at Camnbridge Univeristy (Spring 2012)
  (slides for all lectutres can be found here)
- Tractable Higher Order Models in Computer Vision (tutorial CVPR '10)
- MAP Inference in Discrete Models at various places: tutorials:
  ICCV '09, DAGM '10; Microsoft Moscow Summer School; Sport and Vision Summer
(ETH zuerich 2009/2010); INRIA Vision and ML Summer School;

Misc Links

  • Workshop at MSRC: At the intersection of Vision, Graphics, Learning and Sensing --- Representations and Applications  Webpage
  • Workshop on interactive computer vision at ICCV '07. see Webpage. 
  • Workshop on Color and Reflectance in Computer Vision at ICCV '09. see Webage.

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