Code & Data


  • Our code for intrinsic image decompostion is now online (based on the NIPS '11 paper)
  • Software for fast and accurate stereo matching using a guided filter is available here, based on our CVPR '11 work
  • Interactive image segmentation: various methods and robot-user code (from CVPR '10 paper) - see here  
  • The software for optimizing MPFs [A Global Perspective on MAP Inference for Low-Level Vision, ICCV '09] is now availabe ... click here.
  • QPBO + P/I (from CVPR '07 paper) 
    Please go to Vladimir Kolmogorov's webpage to get the latest version.
  • Various Matting Methods (CVPR '09 paper)
    Please visit project page maintained by Christoph Rhemann
  • Optimizing Sparse HigheroOrder Clique MRFs (CVPR '09 paper)
    we plan to make this code available soon


  • Interactive image segmentation: ground truth dataset with 151 images (49 from GrabCut data, 99 from PASCAL VOC, and 3 from alpha matting database) see here
  • Alpha Matting benchmark - see project page
  • Bayesian Color Constancy (CVPR '08) - see project page
  • MRF example problems from CVPR '07 QPBO-P/I paper will be availbe soon.
  • The datafile "" is available here. It is from PAMI '07 paper on "Minimizing non-submodular functions with graph cuts – a review" (note, link in paper is no longer availabe)
  • Comparison Study of MRF methods (ECCV '06) - see project page
  • GrabCut Ground truth Segementation Database (Siggraph '04, ECCV '04) - see project page.

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