Short Biography

I received my Diploma degree with distinction in 1999 at the University of Karlsruhe/Germany. I did my PhD at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm/Sweden. From 2003-04, I was PostDoc at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC), and since 2004 I have been permanent researcher at MSRC. My research interests are in the field of “Markov Random Field Models for Computer Vision”, “low-level vision, such as segmentation and stereo”, and “Vision for Graphics”. I have written more than 100 articles and have an h-index of 35 with over 7000 citations. I won five „best paper (honorable) mention awards“ and received the Olympus Award by the German Society of pattern recognition (DAGM), which is he highest award for young scientists in our field. I edited a book on „Markov Random Fields for Vision and Image Processing, MIT Press 2011“. I am associated editor for TPAMI, and have been area chair and reviewer for many major conferences in the field.

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