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Bodhi Priyantha

Bodhi Priyantha


RESEARCHER, Sensing and Energy Research Group (SERG). 
Address: Microsoft Research, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 
Phone: 425 705 9396 

Awards and Honors

  • MobiSys'14 Best Paper Award: Shahriar Nirjon, Jie Liu, Gerald DeJean, Bodhi Priyantha, Yuzhe Jin, Ted Hart, "COIN-GPS: Indoor Localization from Direct GPS Receiving"
  • MobiSys'13 Best Paper Award: Robert LiKamWa, Bodhi Priyantha, Matthai Philipose, Lin Zhong, Paramvir Bahl, "Energy Characterization and Optimization of Image Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision"
  • SenSys'12 Best Paper Award: Jie Liu, Bodhi Priyantha, Ted Hart, Heitor Ramos, Antonio Loureiro, Qiang Wang, “Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading
  • RTAS'10 Best Paper Award: Qing Cao, Dong Wang, Tarek Abdelzaher, Bodhi Priyantha, Jie Liu, and Feng Zhao, "Energy-optimal Batching Periods for Asynchronous Multistage Data Processing on Sensor Nodes: Foundations and an mPlatform Case Study"
  • Microsoft Gold Star Award, 2011
  • MIT George M. Sprowls Award for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in computer science, 2005
  • University of Moratuwa UNESCO Team Award gold medal for the Best Engineering Student, 1996


    • Anirudh Badam, Ranveer Chandra, Jon Dutra, Anthony Ferrese, Steve Hodges, Pan Hu, Julia Meinershagen, Thomas Moscibroda, Bodhi Priyantha, and Evangelia Skiani, Software Defined Batteries, in Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'15), ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, 5 October 2015.