Ben Hall

Ben Hall

Formal models in systems biology

My research focuses on applying formal methods to prove properties of biological networks, and to generate predictions which can be tested experimentally. Specifically, working under Dr Jasmin Fisher, I'm building models of cell fate specification in C. elegans vulval development and developing tools to make the underlying formal methods more accessible to the wider biological community.  



Journal Articles


Benjamin A. Hall, Ethan Jackson, Alex Hajnal, Jasmin Fisher. Logic programming to predict cell fate patterns and retrodict genotypes in organogenesis Accepted by Journal of the Royal Society: Interface

Benjamin A. Hall, Khairul Abd Halim, Amanda Buyan, Beatrice Emmanouil, Mark S. P. Sansom. A Sidekick for Membrane Simulations: Automated Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Transmembrane Helices in JCTC 10 p 2165-2175

David W. Wright, Benjamin A Hall, Owain A. Kenway, Shantenu Jha, Peter V. Coveney. Computing clinically relevant binding free energies of HIV-1 protease inhibitors in JCTC 10 p 1228-1241

Tyler Reddy, Santiago Manrique, Amanda Buyan, Benjamin A. Hall, Alan Chetwynd, Mark S P Sansom (2014) Primary and secondary dimer interfaces of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 transmembrane domain: Characterization via multiscale molecular dynamics simulations. In Biochemistry 53, p 323-332 



Claire Bagneris, Paul G DeCaen, Benjamin A Hall, Claire E Naylor, David E Clapham, Christopher W M Kay, Bonnie Wallace (2013) Role of the C-terminal domain in the structure and function of tetrameric sodium channels. In Nature Communications 4, p 2465


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Manfred Lindau, Benjamin A. Hall, Alan Chetwynd, Oliver Beckstein, Mark S.P. Sansom (2012) Coarse-Grain Simulations Reveal Movement of the Synaptobrevin C-Terminus in Response to Piconewton Forces, 959-969. In Biophysical Journal 103 (5).

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Jean-Marc Crowet, Daniel L Parton, Benjamin A Hall, Sven Steinhauer, Robert Brasseur, Laurence Lins, Mark S P Sansom (2012) Multi-Scale Simulation of the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Fusion Peptide.. In The journal of physical chemistry. B.

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C Paul Barrett, Benjamin A Hall, Martin E M Noble (2004) Dynamite: a simple way to gain insight into protein motions, 2280-2287. In Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 60 (Pt 12 Pt 1).

Book Chapters

Kathryn A Scott, Elizabeth E Jefferys, Benjamin A Hall, Mark AJ Roberts, Judith P Armitage (2012) Bacterial Chemotaxis, 223-260. In Bacterial Regulatory Networks.


Present and former interns

Ismail Kuru (PhD student, Koc University)

Caroline Dahl (DPhil student, University of Oxford)

Garvit Juniwal (PhD student, UC Berkeley)



Modelling C. elegans germ line development using F# and the BioModelAnalyzer


Bio Model Analyzer

High Throughput, multiscale modelling approaches for understanding bacterial signalling