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Armando Garcia-Mendoza

Armando Garcia-Mendoza

About me

I am a Software Engineer in the the Cambridge Innovation Development (CID) team, part of Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Originally from Asturias, Spain, I have spent the past nine years living and working in England. Over this time I have had the opportunity to work with very talented people that have enlightened my vision on how to write software.

Being very passionate about technology, I am always looking at ways of using computers that can make people's life easier.

Current Interests

  • Multi-touch input technologies
  • Physics enabled applications 
  • Peer to Peer applications
  • Image and Video processing 


Recent Projects



Co-inventor of the following patents:



Wilson, A., S. Izadi, O. Hilliges, A. Garcia-Mendoza, and D. Kirk, Bringing Physics to the Surface, UIST, 2008. Best Paper award. pdf wmv

M.A. Díaz Fondón , D.A. Gutiérrez, Armando García-Mendoza, F. Álvarez García, L.Tajes Martínez, J.M. Cueva Lovelle. "Integrating Capabilities into the Object Model to protect Distributed Object Systems", Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA'99). pp 374-383. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1999.