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Decision Forest code (Sherwood)

free C# and C++ research code accompanying our book:


   A. Criminisi and J. Shotton.

   Decision Forests for Computer Vision

   and Medical Image Analysis.

   Springer 2013.


Free research code, examples and demos for: Classification forests, regression forests, density forests and semi-supervised forests.


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geoHDRPhoto  (ver. 1.0.0, for Win7 x64)

for geodesic High-Dynamic Range Photography



- A completely free and easy to use tool for creating stunning high dynamic range images.


- Creates well balanced photos where the sky is not washed out.


- Generates both subtle and realistic looking HDR .


- Allows tasteful image stylization via a new, automatic texture flattening technique.



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GeoS: semiautomatic segmentation of  medical images


A very easy to use free tool for the segmentation of anatomical regions within 2D and 3D medical images (e.g. CT, XRay and MR scans).



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Microsoft Research Volume Rendering SDK


for the efficient visualization of volumetric data on thin client devices.






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Spine Web: free research, labelled data 

A dataset of labelled CT images of the human spine







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