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Antonio Criminisi

Antonio Criminisi

I have three openings: 2 Software Developers and 1 Post-Doc Researcher.  Job descriptions: RSDE1, RSDE2, PostDoc. If interested, please send me an email (antcrim'_at_'microsoft'_dot_'com).


  • The paper I have co-authored with P. Kontschieder, M. Fiterau and S. Rota Bulo' has been awarded the David Marr Prize at the last ICCV 2015 in Chile.
  • A recent interview for BBC Click on machine learning for medical image analysis
  • Slides from my keynote speech at MCV-MICCAI 2015 are now available here
book cover 

- Decision forest book. Demos and slides here

- Sherwood. Free decision forests code here

- GeoS. Free image segmentation tool download

- HDR photography tool download

- Volumetric rendering tool download




Selected scientific publications






 press coverage

 digital photography

 computer vision @ MSRC