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IEEE Spoken Language Processing Grant

The IEEE Spoken Language Processing Student Grant, sponsored by Drs. XD Huang, Alex Acero and Hsiao-Wuen Hon with proceeds from royalties of their book Spoken Language Processing (Prentice Hall, 2001), honors the student of an outstanding paper in the speech and spoken language processing area accepted for publication in a conference (ICASSP) or a workshop (ASRU) sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. This is a cash grant, with a fixed dollar amount, administered by the IEEE Foundation, which is to be used by each student to attend such conference or workshop. The recipient(s) of the grant will be announced at an event during the conference or workshop.

Candidates must be pursuing a degree at a university. Papers will be judged on the basis of quality and need, which will be evaluated by the IEEE Signal Processing Society's Speech Technical Committee. The application should be sent to the chair of the Speech Technical Committee. Each conference or workshop will announce its deadline on its web site.

ICASSP 2012 recipients:

  • Tseung-Wei Tu, (National Taiwan University) -- "Semantic Query Expansion and Contet-Based Discriminative Term Modeling for Spoken Document Retrieval".
  • Atta Norouzian (McGill University) -- "Facilitating Open Vocabulary Spoken Term Detection Using a Multiple Pass Hybrid Search Algorithm".


ICASSP 2011 recipients:

  • Nancy F. Chen, (MIT) -- "Informative dialect recognition using context-dependent pronunciation modeling".
  • Afsaneh Asaei (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) -- "Model-based compressive sensing for multi-party distant speech recognition".


ICASSP 2010 recipients:

  • Ming Lei (University of Science and Technology of China) -- "Minimum Generation Error Training with Weighted Euclidena Distance on LSP for HMM-Based Speech Synthesis".
  • Yong Zhao (Georgia Institute of Technology) -- "On Noise Estimation for Robust Speech Recognition Using Vector Taylor Series".


ICASSP 2009 recipients:

  • Mitchell McLaren (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) -- "Improved SVM Speaker Verification Through Data-Driven Background Dataset Selection".
  • Jesus Andrés-Ferrer (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain) -- "Extensions of absolute discounting (Kneser-Ney method)".


ICASSP 2008 recipients:

  • Kshitiz Kumar (CMU, USA) -- "Environment-Invariant Compensation for Reverberation using Linear Post-Filtering for Minimum Distortion".
  • Blaise Thomson (University of Cambridge, UK) -- "Bayesian Update of Dialogue State for Robust Dialogue Systems".


ICASSP 2007 recipients:

  • Natasha Singh-Miller (MIT, USA) -- "Trigger-Based Language Modeling Using a Loss-Sensitive Perceptron Algorithm".
  • Bernd Geiser (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) -- "Backwards Compatible Wideband Telephony in Mobile Networks: CELP Watermarking and Bandwidth Extension".


ICASSP 2006 recipients:

  • Martin Layton (University of Cambridge, UK) -- "Augmented Statistical Models for Speech Recognition".
  • Yi Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) -- "Entropy-based Feature Parameter Weighting for Robust Speech Recognition".
  • Bing Zhang (Northeastern University, USA) -- "Discriminatively Trained Region Dependent Feature Transforms for Speech Recognition".


ICASSP 2005 recipients (IEEE Foundation press release):

  • Chen Yang (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China) -- "Static and Dynamic Spectral Features: Their Noise Robustness and Optimal Weights for ASR".
  • Dan-ning Jiang (Tsinghua Univ., China) -- "Prosody Analysis and Modeling for Emotional Speech Synthesis".


ICASSP 2004 recipients (IEEE Foundation press release):

  • Luis Perez-Freire (University of Vigo, Spain) -- "A Multimedia Approach for Audio Segmentation in TV Broadcast News".
  • Xiang Li (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) -- "Feature Generation Based on Maximum Normalized Acoustic Likelihood for Improved Speech Recognition".