Akash Lal

Akash Lal

I am a member of the Programming Languages and Tools Group at Microsoft Research India. I am broadly interested in the areas of programming languages, verification and model checking with a focus on concurrent programs.

I graduated with a PhD from the Computer Sciences Department of University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Tom Reps. Here is my UW page. For my thesis, I was a co-recipient of the ACM SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award.


The Vienna Summer of Logic promises to be a great event this year. If you work in the area of concurrency, please do consider submitting a position paper to EC2 2014.

I have served on the program committees of: MUSEPAT 2013ESOP 2013, DSN 2013, VMCAI 2013, PADTAD 2012, APLAS 2012, CPP 2011, INFINITY 2011, INFINITY 2010, VMCAI 2011, CAV 2011, SPIN 2011, and PASTE 2011.


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Address: "Vigyan", #9, Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560 001

Email: akashl AT Microsoft DOT com

Phone: +91 (80) 66586000

Fax: +91 (80) 66586058