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Aditya Nori

Aditya Nori

I am a member of the InnerEye team at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

My interests are in the design and analysis of reliable intelligent systems, and I am currently working on precise and robust medical image analysis for cancer treatment.

In the past, together with wonderful colleagues, I have worked on exploring various synergies between programming languages and machine learning: a) ML4PL: the use of machine learning techniques in program verification, specification inference via Bayesian analysis, and b) PL4ML: probabilistic programming via program analysis, and productivity tools for machine learning tasks. I have also built a number of programmer productivity tools, and this includes the Yogi software model checker for device drivers.

Recent Publications

A complete list of publications can be found here.



Here is a list of interns and students I have advised in the past. Please email me if you are interested in working on problems \in (PL \cap ML).


Microsoft Research Ltd, 21 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2FB, United Kingdom

Email: adityan AT

Phone: +44 1223 479700