Abhimanyu Das

Abhimanyu Das

Abhimanyu Das is a Researcher in the Search Labs group at Microsoft Research. His research interests span topics in machine learning, data-mining, and algorithms. Prior to MSR, he was a Scientist at Yahoo! Labs where he worked on behavioral targeting algorithms for online advertising. 

Abhimanyu obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California under the supervision of David Kempe, and a B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. His PhD research focused on algorithms for subset selection and sparse approximation. Prior to his PhD, he also spent 8 years in the industry (as a software architect at Cortina Systems and as a software engineer at Mahi Networks), where he worked on software stacks for networking and embedded systems.

Abhimanyu received the Best Paper Award at the ACM WSDM 2014 conference, a Distinguished Paper Award at ICML 2011, and the Best Paper Award at IEEE MMNS 2002.