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Colloquia, Seminars, and Special Events

As part of our open research environment, Microsoft Research New England is pleased to continue the academic tradition of hosting colloquia, seminar series, and special events that contribute to the intellectual commons. We welcome members of the local academic community to join us.

  • Microsoft Research Colloquium
    The Microsoft Research Colloquium at Microsoft Research New England focuses on research in the foundational aspects of computer science, mathematics, economics, anthropology, and sociology. With an interdisciplinary flavor, this colloquium series features some of the foremost researchers in their fields talking about their research, breakthroughs, and advances. Open to the local academic community.
  • Game Theory & Computation Seminar Series
    The Game Theory and Computation Seminar is a weekly theory seminar series, highlighting recent advances in economic theory and computer science. The range of topics includes algorithmic game theory, market design, microeconomic theory, social network theory, and other topics related to game theory and computation. The agenda typically consists of a prepared presentation, followed by a brief Q&A. The seminar is aimed at an audience of theory researchers and students. We welcome members of the local academic community to attend.
  • Joint Combinatorics Seminar with MIT
    The twice-weekly Combinatorics Seminar is jointly sponsored with the MIT Mathematics Department. Typically held Wednesdays at 4 PM at MIT and Fridays at 4 PM at Microsoft Research, mid-September through mid-May.
  • Computational Biology Seminar Series
    An occasional forum for delivering academic computational biology talks.
  • Public Lectures
    Microsoft Research New England will occasionally host public lectures of broad interest. We welcome those interested to attend. No registration will be necessary.


Microsoft Research New England
First Floor Conference Center
One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Arrival Guidance

Upon arrival, be prepared to show a picture ID and sign the Building Visitor Log when approaching the Lobby Floor Security Desk. Alert them to the name of the event you are attending and ask them to direct you to the appropriate floor. Typically the talks are located in the First Floor Conference Center, however sometimes the location may change.