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About Microsoft Research India

Microsoft Research IndiaMicrosoft Research IndiaMicrosoft Research India was established in January 2005. In keeping with the global mission of Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research India is engaged in cutting-edge basic and applied research in multiple fields in computing, information technology, and related areas. Microsoft Research India also collaborates with a wide range of scientific and academic institutions to advance the state of the art in computing research in India. Microsoft Research India also collaborates extensively with the international scientific community and other Microsoft research labs to help push forward the boundaries of research.

India has a population of over a billion, more than 20 officially recognized languages, and innumerable dialects and startlingly different terrains and cultures. While 60% of the population derives its income from agriculture and related activities, India also has one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic IT industries. This wide, and sometimes stark, diversity makes it an ideal environment for research in a number of areas.


Microsoft Research aims to become one of the best computing research laboratories in the world, and therefore hires the most talented researches across various disciplines. Our academic research model promotes creativity and independent thinking, while providing a challenging and open work environment. While Microsoft Research India has defined certain research areas, we encourage our researchers to pursue projects of their choice. We work closely with our sister labs across the world to promote engagements amongst researchers, which leads to cooperation on research projects and exposure to the work being done in the other labs. As a result of our focus on hiring the best minds in computing research, Microsoft Research can count some of the best known names in computing research as our employees, including several Turing award winners. Together with Microsoft Research Connections, Microsoft Research India also works closely with leading universities in India, through research collaborations, PhD Fellowships, travel grants, intern programs, and research funding.

Microsoft Research India is headed by Dr. Chandu Thekkath, well known globally for his research in computer systems. Dr. Sriram Rajamani, Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, is a respected researcher in computer programming languages and software engineering.

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