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Microsoft Research Cambridge

Microsoft Research Cambridge was set up in July 1997 with three researchers. Today over 100 researchers, mostly from Europe, are engaged in computer science research at the lab. The city of Cambridge, England, was the clear choice for the location of the facility because of its world-renowned reputation and its rich history as a center of learning.

Feature Stories
Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukemia drugs Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukemia drugs
The first comprehensive computer model to simulate the development of blood cells could help in the development of new treatments for leukemia and lymphoma, say researchers at the University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research.
Top Feature Stories of 2014 Top Feature Stories of 2014
Skype Translator, a Turing Award winner, record-setting texting, and deep learning are among the topics covered in our top feature stories of 2014.
Fitzgibbon Channels Led Zeppelin into Practical Engineering Fitzgibbon Channels Led Zeppelin into Practical Engineering
Microsoft researcher Andrew Fitzgibbon, recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, never tires of seeing abstract thinking transform into tangible results.

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From the Laboratory Director

Professor Christopher M. Bishop“At Microsoft Research in Cambridge, we are proud to be part of a world-leading research organisation of over 1,000 of the most talented people in computing. Our open and unconstrained approach to research, coupled with the bold and inquisitive minds of our researchers and engineers, has seen our lab produce contributions to Microsoft’s most successful products and services, as well as key contributions to the academic community. But, we have just scratched the surface of what technology can do for us. We are continuing to push the boundaries of computing to create ubiquitous technologies with the potential to transform our lives.”

- Professor Christopher M. Bishop
Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Why I Work for Microsoft Research Cambridge

Kaveh RazaviKaveh Razavi — I was attracted by the high-quality research conducted at Microsoft Research Cambridge, which I learnt about through their publications. I knew a research internship at this lab would allow me to learn and do more in the area of my interest. Read More

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Intern Positions

We focus on a main Summer intake of interns although a small number of internships may be available throughout the year. Our main Intern program is focused on students enrolled in current PhD or Masters programs however we also have opportunities for UK based undergraduates in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study to apply for an 8 week internship to provide experience in a commercial research environment. Find out more information about Cambridge internships, here.

Postdoc Positions

A postdoc position in the Cambridge lab is a great opportunity to work with some of the top minds and the strongest teams in the research community, in a whole range of areas of computer science and information engineering. Find out how you can apply for a Postdoc position with Microsoft Research Cambridge, here.

Postdoc Fellowships

At Cambridge we have a number of highly prestigious fellowships in conjunction with our partners, the University of Cambridge. Postdoc candidates will have the opportunity to apply and be considered for fellowships with Downing College, Corpus Christi College and Darwin College and all the benefits associated with being a Fellow.