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Advanced Technology Labs Europe

Advanced Technology Labs EuropeAdvanced Technology Labs (ATL) Europe is an advanced technology facility working in the areas of distributed embedded systems, data analytics, and systems assurance. ATL Europe connects closely with European industry to understand and address real-world challenges. By placing an emphasis on industry engagement, ATL Europe seeks to incubate, validate, and deliver technologies that provide substantial, near-term impact.


From the director

"ATL Europe is not just an applied research lab. We see ourselves as a little startup within Microsoft, whose goal is to have a deep and sustained impact on Microsoft product groups. How do we achieve that result? We incubate cutting edge research while applying the very best software engineering practices. What gets our pulse racing? Tackling big challenges and seeing them transformed into impactful product features.

ATL Europe focuses on collecting, managing, analyzing and finally acting on data exchanged between devices and cloud services. Our expertise, which ranges from system level device security to machine learning aided advanced analytics of in-flight data, lends itself particularly well to this charter.

Being located in Europe is another big benefit for us. Given the rich industrial environment which surrounds us, including manufacturing, automotive & energy, we are uniquely positioned to ground our incubations in real life scenarios. Finally, we are also able to leverage local research, both from Microsoft Research and from local research institutions."

 Francois Dumas, Director, Advanced Technology Labs Europe


Collaborative Projects


Careers at Microsoft Research

We are always looking for exceptional researchers, post-docs, and interns. For more information about a career at Advanced Technology Labs Europe, see: