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Rick Rashid: A data driven world

Rick Rashid, H.E. Dr. Hani Helal and Ayman Abdel LatifOn 17th and 18th of May, Rick Rashid, Senior Vice President at Microsoft Research visited CMIC. On the evening of 17th CMIC held a reception dinner in the honor of Rick Rashid, which was attended by high level representatives from the industry and the research community in Egypt lead by H.E. Dr. Hany Helal the Minister of Higher Education.

On 18th Rick visited Bibliotheca Alexandrina and gave a lecture titled “A data driven world”. The lecture tackled the idea of how in the early days of the field of computer science there was a common conceit that many of the important problems computers could solve would be solved by careful analysis and software that would largely be deterministic in its behavior. Also there was a belief that if we had enough rules we could understand and translate language, understand speech, recognize images, predict the weather and perhaps even understand human behavior. Additionally Rick discussed how the ability to collect large amounts of data, store it and process it on an unprecedented scale has given rise to a new paradigm for solving problems – not just in the area of natural human interfaces but also scale problems in areas such as search, weather, traffic, health, environment, etc.


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