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“I've had internships before... haven't we all?” Why is ATL Cairo Different?

Every summer, ATL Cairo gets crowded with young enthusiastic interns who join our lab to experience working on real projects alongside full-time employees. The intern program gives students an opportunity to work in genuine research environment, challenges them to explore new disciplines, and provides meaningful connections to mentors and colleagues who will become part of their professional networks in the future.

While the main goal of the ATL Cairo Internship program is to give interns a sense of what a research career might have to offer, it also would be true to say that interns contribute to ATL Cairo projects with passion, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives.

Ahmed Hegazy “I never saw a working environment like this; all the people here respect each other which makes it a wonderful work environment”. After attaining 1st place among his colleagues at Cairo University, Ahmed Hegazy came to ATL Cairo to enhance his research skills. In his own words “I never saw a working environment like this; all the people here respect each other which makes it a wonderful working environment”.

Ahmed Salama “What impressed me the most was that my work will affect millions of people around the world”.With guidance from his mentor, Ahmed Salama worked on a phrase extraction tool which will automatically extract all the phrases and concepts any given document is talking about. Ahmed was very happy with the access he got to previous research papers and many other useful resources. “It has been valuable learning about how research results can affect a software company” and “What impressed me the most” Ahmed added: “was that my work will affect millions of people around the world”.

Working with the ATL Cairo Bing team gave Ashraf Youssef great experience about tools and techniques that are very helpful for professional programming. “For me, the best part of interning at the Advanced Technology lab in Cairo has been working with great researchers in a supportive environment,” Ashraf says, “The directives I got from my mentor were very helpful in both professional and general life.”

Ayah Salah “Brown bag sessions are totally informative and up-to- date.”Ayah Salah had a chance to work on an ongoing research project for improving Arabic search on Bing. Working closely with researchers at ATL Cairo gave her a new and different perspective of things, but what Ayah enjoyed most was the brown bag sessions given on the state of the art technologies and the hottest topics in the field. 

Mohamed Al Jarhi “An evil combination designed to inspire me to work more!”“I’ve been on internships before, haven’t we all? Mohamed AL Jarhi says. Mohamed came with a preconceived idea of what internships are generally like. His old belief was that interns will be getting assigned menial tasks that have nothing to do with the company and that the output is discarded as soon as they are out the door. “Now, you can imagine the shock I received by the internship at ATL Cairo! Not only am I working on something concrete and challenging, but the tool I’m developing is also planned for deployment here in ATL Cairo”, Mohamed added “I’m given the same degree of freedom as any Microsoft employee, but with that I must assume responsibility to my work and for getting the job done.”

Al Jarhi continues: “Needless to say, that’s an evil combination designed to inspire me to work more. You should the number of hours I stayed after work”.

Tarek El Gamal “I feel that I need to work harder next year in order to fulfill a great achievement of being a CMICer.” As for Mostafa Ewda, another summer intern, he admired the great work environment where everyone works around the clock to achieve their tasks and help others when possible. Mostafa was impressed with the team’s passion to work, help and collaborate to communicate ideas.

“From the first day when I was having the code test in ATL Cairo, I felt that this place has something special” Tarek El Gamal said. By joining ATL Cairo Tarek realized that he had the right feeling about the place, “Everything is well organized, starting from the code test, then the interview and finally being assigned to your machine and having a list of tasks in a real project” Tarek added.

Tarek was also impressed by how the environment encourages you to be better “It was obvious that ATL Cairo is so selective in choosing their employees. Not only are they good on the technical side, but they are also willing to help the interns which is highly motivational”.

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