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BING Arabic Countries

Now in ARABIC - BING Arabic Countries

CMIC is working closely with the Bing product team and is heavily involved in leveraging our Arabic language expertise to improve all aspects of Arabic Bing – from under the hood, core relevance improvements to value-added services such as the Muslim Prayer time’s instant answer or statistical speller-checker.

Stop searching and start DECIDING! Bing and Decide.



Accurate prayer time ANYWHERE you are!

Through this new feature, designed and developed by the CMIC team, users can search for prayer times and get accurate results... Instantly.



Nothing will be "lost in translation" anymore!

Thanks to Bing Translator almost nothing will be “lost in translation” anymore. The CMIC team presents an added functionality to the new release of Bing Translator. This feature translate words that are not translated by meaning, also known as out of vocabulary words (OOVs), such as names of; people, locations or organizations, to be transliterated i.e. translated phonetically.

Acknowledgments for CMIC contribution to Machine Translation:
Arul Menezes*, Principal Architect at Microsoft Research, Redmond stated that, “Microsoft Translator sees a substantial amount of Arabic traffic so this is a big win for our customers”.

“This is an incredible improvement! I can actually say that it is infinitely better! It’s exceedingly rare that we have a change that produces no regressions. Good job, guys!” Will Lewis*, Senior Program Manager.

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