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Technology Column

By China Internet Weekly

The Search Technology articles in China Internet Weekly are dedicated to Microsoft Research Asia and Search Technology Center. It began in January 2009 and alternates between featuring human interest stories, which introduces the people and culture at Microsoft Research Asia and Search Technology Center, and technology stories, which feature cool inventions coming out of Beijing.

  • Microsoft’s Rhapsody
    “Any sufficiently advanced technology resembles magic,” you see what’s happening but remain clueless about how it’s happening. This type of technology is the focus of a research lab.
  • Handwriting Recognition’s Odyssey to Windows 7
    Taking notes using a keyboard-less and mouse-less computer? At Microsoft Research Asia, innovation is bringing to life some of the wildest imaginations about the future.
  • Microsoft Decision-Making Search
    In an era when "search" has become a frequently heard word that paves the way for the future of business, how does Microsoft, a software giant, create Future 2.0 with its Internet search engines?
  • Microsoft’s System Blueprint
    No company seems to be able to speak as eloquently about computer systems as Microsoft. To understand Microsoft’s history of development, there’s no better place to start than system research.
  • Microsoft’s Musical Talent
    "Music Steering" is one of many cells of innovation at Microsoft Research Asia being implanted into the company’s future.
  • Microsoft “Sees” People
    The competitiveness of any player in the IT arena depends on how fast it updates or upgrades its technologies and products. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft must maintain a powerful research division.
  • Live Streaming Microsoft
    Microsoft Research Asia is working hard to tap the full potential of P2P.
  • Sensing Green Microsoft
    Computation, an auxiliary tool for many disciplines, is conducive to green development, which is not only a part of corporate responsibility, but also a lucrative business.
  • Microsoft Image Search Log
    Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has added a new innovation to Bing Search – a never-before-seen approach to image searching that enables the computer to “recognize” the content of pictures.
  • See the World Through Microsoft
    This is a story of a Japanese man who works for an American company in China. By using computers, he digitally reproduced the world of light and shadow, reflection and clarity, movement and stability, demonstrating the magical power of basic research.
  • Microsoft Map Search Adventure
    Microsoft has been building and expanding its own "territory" in the field of map search. Using its "Bing Ditu" to navigate, Microsoft begins to sail into uncharted waters.
  • Search Microsoft
    Microsoft hopes its search engine will help people search for, and find, a Microsoft different from the company they thought they knew.
  • The Digital Existence of Cultural Heritage
    "Technology not only protects world cultural heritage for future generations, but it also brings them back to life." Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) takes us on a journey to explore human civilization – both past and present.
  • Watch Seventy-Two Changes at Microsoft
    The world of technology is changing as new items seem to appear almost every second. At Microsoft Research, new technologies bring new richness to Microsoft products.
  • Mobile Phones Recognize People
    Who says human-machine dialogue can’t be both physical and digital? Throw-to-Share from Microsoft Research Asia breaks through the limits of the mobile device experience.
  • Microsoft’s Fourth Dimension
    Joint labs provide a platform for exchange between Microsoft and universities, extra resources for cultivation, and a way for Microsoft to sustain its momentum in technological innovation.
  • Fantasy to Reality: Writing in the Air
    Microsoft envisions a mouse-less, keyboard-less and even touch-screen-less future, in which users can communicate with computers by writing in the air.
  • The Pursuit of Perfection
    Though information technology is a male-dominated industry, women have made significant contributions, such as those from Dongmei Zhang, one of the talented, active female researchers at Microsoft Research Asia,
  • Microsoft, Your English Writing Tutor
    Microsoft is charging forward in the field of vertical search and overthrowing the traditional online dictionary with Engkoo.
  • Microsoft's Traditional Essence
    For a multinational giant like Microsoft, exploring cultural traditions may be the best way to build an enduring local presence in regions around the world. In China, one researcher’s love of classical literature has opened a digital door to a revered anc
  • Live Search Blossoms in Spring Festival
    The Live Search Spring Festival Release turned out to be the most “traditional” thing that Microsoft, best known for innovation, has ever done. But in its search for Chinese culture, this was just the beginning.
  • Discovering Microsoft’s Corporate Culture
    In an age defined by digitalization and innovation, research labs aren’t just about tomorrow—they’re a microcosm of Microsoft’s corporate culture today.