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Worldwide Intern Program in Australia and New Zealand


Are you a Masters or PhD student studying in Australia or New Zealand? Apply for a three-month internship at Microsoft Research in one of our US Research Labs. Join a group of interns from all over the world and work in a research group at the cutting edge of computer science.

About the Worldwide Intern Program

Started in 2001, Microsoft Research’s Worldwide Intern Program strengthens relationships with top computer science institutions in countries where there are excellent computer science departments. The Worldwide Intern Program for Australia and New Zealand encourages Masters and PhD students to join our research community for 12 weeks as interns.

The Worldwide Intern Program interns will join a community of full-time researchers drawn from all over the globe. After completion of the internship, a student will return to academia with new ideas and networking opportunities.

About Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research has more than 1000 researchers and engineers worldwide, including some of the world’s finest computer scientists and computer engineers as well as mathematicians, physicists, biologists, linguists, and sociologists working across more than 55 areas of research. To maintain strong relations with leading research institutions around the world, Microsoft Research offers internships to outstanding Masters and PhD students whose research interests correspond to the research areas our scientists focus on.  

Applying for a Worldwide internship

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, review the research areas, identify the three research groups that are closest to your own research interest, and

  1. Fill out the online application form
  2. Send us an email with the following information:
    • Use the subject “WIP Australia and New Zealand Application"
    • In the body of this email, include the following
      • Your full name
      • The degree you are pursuing
      • Brief description of your areas of interest, and dissertation project (if relevant)
      • Your CV or resume, and the names of the folks you plan to use as your academic nominators
      • If applicable, the address of your website or other online presence
      • Applications must be submitted in English only

Note - this application form is for the Worldwide Internship program only. We encourage prospective applicants to apply to our Microsoft Research Intern Programs as well. Here is the link to apply for our programs: MSR Intern Program application

When to Apply

Acceptance to this program will require that you complete your internship in the (northern hemisphere) Summer of 2014. You will have to begin your internship prior to June 30, 2014. To ensure full consideration for a summer internship, we encourage candidates to have applied by
October 15, 2013.

For any questions about the application process email

Who is eligible

  • Students registered for a Masters or PhD enrolled in the Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics department (if your department is within the scope of these areas, but is titled differently, you are eligible).
  • Students must be registered full-time
  • Students must be attending universities in Australia or New Zealand and pursuing a Masters or PhD program
  • We will consider all qualified candidates, regardless of citizenship or visa status. When visa candidates are selected for an internship, Microsoft immigration professionals will help with the visa process.


August 30, 2013: WIP Announcement to Universities and Academic Partners

October 15, 2013: Deadline for Applications

January 27, 2014: Notifications to students

Intern Benefits

Aside from the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research, a Microsoft Research internship comes with some additional perks as well. Approximately 6-8 weeks before your internship begins, one of our relocation specialists will contact you by email to provide additional detail on your travel, housing, and transportation options.

  • Salary—Microsoft Research intern salaries are highly competitive and compare favorably with intern salaries in other companies.
  • We take care of getting you here—If you plan to fly, we will provide you with an airline ticket via the most direct route to and from your home location. Upon arrival, we will reimburse you for your taxi fare. If you plan to drive, we will reimburse you per mile for the most direct route to Microsoft.
  • Subsidized housing—We will set you up in subsidized housing fully furnished with the necessities. If you would like to share an apartment, we will match you up with roommates. Microsoft will even pay for your basic cable, electricity, and water. In addition, we offer free housecleaning services.
  • Help with shipping—We will contribute toward shipping expenses to help you get your personal items to and from your new location.
  • Subsidized car rental—We subsidize car rental to ensure that you will be able to check out the area.
  • Software discounts—As an intern, you are eligible for discounts on Microsoft software and hardware. Interns can spend up to $350 per year on these discounted items.
  • Intern events and parties—Interns are invited to lectures and special events sponsored by Microsoft and Microsoft Research. This is a good opportunity to learn about Microsoft and its teams and projects while meeting other people or getting to know the area.
  • Intern orientation and mentoring—During the first week, you will participate in an intern orientation and learn about your internship, your team, and Microsoft in general. You will meet with your mentor, an advisor who will show you the ropes, give you advice, and help you get the most out of your internship.
  • Bike purchase plan—We give you a choice of using the subsidized rental car plan or participating in the bike purchase plan. We will contribute toward the cost of a bike and helmet.
Contact us


If you have additional questions, ask the Microsoft Fellowship contact at your school or contact Microsoft directly at:

Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way–99/4118
Redmond, WA 98052
United States