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Worldwide Intern Program in India

Microsoft Research has more than 1,000 researchers and engineers worldwide, including some of the world’s finest computer scientists and computer engineers as well as mathematicians, physicists, biologists, linguists, sociologists, etc. working across more than 55 areas of research. To maintain strong relations with leading research institutions around the world, Microsoft Research offers internships to outstanding Ph.D. candidates whose research interests correspond to the research areas our scientists focus on. Thus, research interns have the opportunity to directly collaborate with well-known scientists influencing cutting-edge research. Each intern joins a particular research group and is supervised by a researcher.

In 2001 Microsoft Research created a program to strengthen relationships with top computer science institutions in India, for example the IITs. The Worldwide Intern Program for India encourages Indian students to join our research community for 12 weeks as interns. Since India is very well known for the quality of its undergraduate students, the Worldwide Intern Program for India is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Worldwide Intern Program for India interns will join a global community of researchers. After completion of the internship, a student will return to academia abound with new ideas and networking opportunities. The student’s professors will have the opportunity to strengthen existing scientific relationships and to establish new ones.

Applying for Student Programs for India

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, review the research areas, identify the research area which is closest to your own research interest, and then wait for the Worldwide Intern Program notification that will be sent to your institute or department head. The notification shall contain the Web page address where applicants can submit resumes as well as the deadline for application.

Note The Worldwide Intern Program is specific to Microsoft Research Redmond only and the internships are for 12 weeks during each year summer.

Microsoft Research India in Bangalore is, of course, another option for internships in Microsoft Research. For more information about opportunities at the Bangalore lab, see India Lab Internship Program for more information.

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