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Internship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What internship experience can I expect at Microsoft Research? Interns at Microsoft Research apply research and theory to practice, while working with world renowned researchers and networking with fellow PhD students from around the world. Microsoft Research interns are considered full-time team members and are given real work with real problems to solve. As an intern, you will collaborate with researchers and developers in your larger organization. In close collaboration with your mentor, you will define an internship project that reflects your and your team’s research interests.

Are there other places at Microsoft where one can do a Research internship?

Yes! In addition to Microsoft Research, many of our Engineering Groups have research teams working on problems directly associated with our products. If you are interested in one of these more ‘applied’ internships please indicate this in your application.

What qualifications is Microsoft Research looking for in intern candidates?
Intern candidates must be students enrolled in a relevant field of study, such as computer science, engineering, or social sciences with a focus on computer technology. The majority of our interns are PhD candidates; however, in some instances we also accept master’s and bachelor's students who demonstrate a serious interest in research.

How long is an internship?
Internships are 12 weeks in length but this timeframe can vary slightly depending on internship location.

Where are the internship locations?

Internships are available at all MSR locations worldwide.

When do you accept applications?

Applications are accepted for internships year-round, but we find that most of our interns choose to complete their internships during the summer months. Applications for summer internships are generally reviewed in January so we highly recommend that you submit your application in December.

Will I be paid a salary during my internship?

Yes, Microsoft pays interns a competitive salary.

Will Microsoft process a visa/work authorization?

Microsoft will provide necessary support for acquiring the appropriate visa/work authorization required depending on location.

Will Microsoft provide relocation assistance for my internship?

Yes, Microsoft provides relocation assistance for interns.

Do I need to speak English fluently to work at Microsoft?

English is the language we use to conduct business around the world, though you may also need to be fluent in the local language(s) of the country(s) in which you work.

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