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Asia-Pacific Internships Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about the Asia-Pacific internships program.

What kind of work can an intern do at Microsoft Research Asia?
Microsoft Research Asia provides each intern a mentor to guide his/her work and study. The detail of work is different from group to group. At Microsoft Research Asia, there are 20 research groups studying in different fields, with the addition of the Search Technology Center and the Innovation Engineering Group. Learn about each group. Every group has interns; you can choose a group according to your interests. In addition, from the career development side, Microsoft Research Asia provides two general choices to each intern: one is to “research” and the other is to “develop”.

Do I need to learn Chinese before going to Beijing?
If possible, we suggest learning some Chinese before arrival. At Microsoft Research Asia, all mentors and interns can speak English fluently, and it is the primary language for daily work. However, fluent English conversations in China are rare, so knowing some Chinese would be helpful to your adaptation. Even some familiarization with the concept of tones, Pinyin—the Romanization of the Mandarin spoken language, and characters in important signs (for example, "exit", "entrance", "subway", and "bathroom") would be helpful, and can be found in books for beginners of the language.

Are there Chinese language training programs at Microsoft Research Asia?
Yes, we provide quarterly sessions of Chinese language training for non-Chinese speaking students.

How will Microsoft Research Asia accommodate my stay?
During your internship, you will share a double room with a roommate at the Zijin Apartment Guest Hotel. If you would like to rent an apartment, a monthly housing allowance can be provided accordingly.

For which kind of visa should I apply?
We will provide necessary support for the visa application process. Please contact for details.

Will I be paid a salary during my internship with Microsoft Research Asia?
We will provide a competitive package that includes a monthly subsidy, meal allowance, and housing allowance.

Where is the Microsoft Research Asia lab located?
For the address and directions to the Microsoft Research Asia lab, see Visit Microsoft Research Asia.