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Cambridge Lab Internship Program

The Microsoft Research Cambridge Lab is a great place to do an internship to expand your research horizons and taste industry research. Internships normally last 12 weeks and most commonly occur over the summer.

We are looking for variety of applicants who are graduate students on PhD programs relevant to all of our areas of research. We prefer candidates to have had two or three year’s experience of practical PhD-level research.

When do you accept applications?
You are able to submit an application at any point however typically internships are allocated in March with the majority of internships running over the summer. Applications for 2014 summer internships have now closed.

If you wish to be considered for a 2015 summer placement, we recommend that you apply by end of February 2015, further updates will be posted on this page and on our Twitter feed.

What could I expect to do?
As an intern at Microsoft Research you will be given the same job responsibilities as a full-time researcher. You’ll be given real work with real problems to solve working along side one of our full-time researchers as your mentor. In return for your valued contribution, we will pay you a competitive salary. A number of our most successful interns have subsequently joined the full-time staff of the Cambridge, and indeed other Microsoft Research Labs.

How long do internships last?
Our internships are in 12 week blocks — this is so you can really dive into a project and make a significant contribution. The summer months are the most popular time, but we’ll work with you to set your start and end dates any time throughout the year.

How can I obtain a work visa?
Where required, we can help with getting a visa or work permit, and reimburse associated expenses.

What travel costs are involved?
We will reimburse travel costs.

Will I receive help with accommodation?
Where required, we will assist in subsidizing part of the cost of your accommodation.

Will I receive help with shipping costs?
We’ll contribute toward shipping expenses to help you get your personal items to and from your new location.

What type of commuter options are there?
A bike is great way to get around Cambridge, and we’ll reimburse rental costs.

Are there exercise facilities available?
Nature didn’t intend you to be swivel-chair bound all day. We have membership to a gym close by.

Are the beverages really free?
This is absolutely true. Unlimited sugar and caffeine.

Can I buy discounted software and hardware?
Get deep discounts on Microsoft software and hardware.

How will I get started?
During that first crazy week, we’ll orient you to your job and to Microsoft in general. You’ll be teamed up with a full-time mentor from your group who will show you the ropes, give you advice, and help you get the most out of your internship.

Will I receive a salary?
Microsoft Research intern salaries are highly competitive and compare favorably with intern salaries in other companies.

How can I apply?
For Cambridge applications, please include a one or two page Personal Research Statement at the end of your CV or in a separate document. Your personal research statement should answer the following questions:

  • What are your research interests? What gets you excited? (Please don’t tell us anything you wouldn’t speak about if asked about your research in a public venue, such as a conference.)
  • Which researcher or researchers at Cambridge would you like to work with?
  • What sorts of projects would particularly interest you?
  • What prior experience and expertise do you have that would be relevant to your internship?
  • What are you particularly proud of in your track record?
  • Why would you be a good choice for us?

We will use your research statement primarily for selection purposes, to see where you might fit. The actual project we offer you may well differ from the ones you suggest.

Apply for an internship.