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New York City Lab Internship Program

Our internships are twelve-week paid internships in New York City. We are looking for interns interested in a variety of scientific fields. Most of our interns are PhD candidates. Applicants from universities outside of the United States are welcome to apply.

Internship Experience

The internship experience at the New York City lab can vary depending on the area of study, intern, and mentor. (See our members’ bios to get a sense of possible topics.) In some cases, our interns design their own project, while in other cases the intern and mentor arrive at a project together. Interns are often most successful if their research project involves collaboration with full-time or post-doc researchers, and interns often produce a article stemming from their intern project.

In thinking about the kind of research you would like to do, intern applicants are strongly encouraged to consider one or a few researchers at the New York City lab and how they might imagine collaborating with them. Although Microsoft does have applied opportunities for student interns, this is not an applied program. The types of research that our researchers do are equivalent to the types of research that take place in universities. Interns may have opportunities to affect product with their research, but this is neither expected nor guaranteed.

Application Process

To apply for an internship at Microsoft Research New York City:

Fill out the online application form.

  • Be sure to indicate that you are interested in Microsoft Research New York City and your areas of interest, and be sure to list two recommenders.
  • Please review which researcher in the lab most closely relates to your area of research. Add them in the "Microsoft Research Contacts" field, which can be found under the "Select Positions & More" section of the application.
  • We encourage you to monitor the status of your requested letters of recommendation, as the application is considered “incomplete” until two letters of reference have been submitted. You can check the status of your application, including progress on individual reference requests, at any time by clicking the Status tab within your application page.

When to Apply

While we hire interns throughout the year, most of our internship positions are available in the summer.

  • To ensure full consideration for a summer internship, we encourage all candidates to have applied by January 1.
  • Otherwise, we accept applications throughout the year subject to availability.

Apply for an internship.