Silicon Valley Lab Internship Program

The Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Lab was founded in August 2001. The lab’s primary goal is to advance the state of the art in distributed systems and related fields, while strengthening the architecture and technology of Microsoft’s products.

Microsoft Research Silicon Valley emphasizes technical excellence, technical breadth and flexibility, commitment to impact, and collegial interaction among researchers. We are establishing research projects to explore and prototype technologies likely to be strategic to the company in the two to five year time frame.

To review our research agenda and publications, visit the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley home page.

Intern Benefits
As an intern, you’ll meet new people, work on cool projects, and get hands-on experience working in an exciting research area. Approximately 6-8 weeks before your internship begins, one of our Relocation Specialists will contact you by e-mail to provide additional detail on your travel, housing, and transportation options.

Microsoft Research offers the following benefits:

  • We take care of getting you here
    If you plan to fly, we will provide you with an airline ticket via the most direct route to and from your Microsoft location. Upon arrival, we will reimburse you for your taxi fare. If you plan to drive, we will reimburse you per mile for the most direct route to Microsoft.
  • Subsidized housing
    We will set you up in subsidized housing fully furnished with the necessities. If you would like to share an apartment, we will match you up with roommates. Microsoft will even pay for your basic cable, electricity, and water. In addition, we offer free housecleaning services.
  • Help with shipping
    We will contribute toward shipping expenses to help you get your personal items to and from your new location.
  • Subsidized car rental
    We subsidize car rental to ensure that you will be able to check out the area.
  • Software discounts
    As an intern, you are eligible for discounts on Microsoft software and hardware. Interns can spend up to $350 per year on these discounted items.
  • Intern events and parties
    Interns are invited to lectures and special events sponsored by Microsoft and Microsoft Research. This is a good opportunity to learn about Microsoft, its teams and projects while meeting other people or getting to know the Silicon Valley area.
  • Intern orientation and mentoring
    During the first week, you will participate in an intern orientation and learn about your internship, your team, and Microsoft in general. You will meet with your mentor, an advisor who will show you the ropes, give you advice, and help you get the most out of your internship.
  • Salary
    Microsoft Research intern salaries are highly competitive and compare favorably with intern salaries in other companies.
  • Bike purchase plan
    We give you a choice of using the subsidized rental car plan or participating in the bike purchase plan. We will contribute toward the cost of a bike and helmet.
  • Microsoft SVC Commute Options
    SVC Commute offers a CalTrain Go Pass and a free shuttle to and from Mountain View CalTrain Station and Santa Clara ACE Train Station. These two stops service not only CalTrain and ACE, but also VTA, Lightrail, Capital Corridor, bikers and walkers.

    SVC Campus hosts bike lockers for bikers and showers for both bikers and walkers.
  • Microsoft SVC Commute Shuttle
    ALTRANS TMA, INC provides commute shuttle services for the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus. The SVC Commute Shuttle program supports Caltrain with a 25 passenger bus and the ACE and Capitol Corridor connections with a 15 passenger van. Anyone with a Microsoft badge is welcome to use these shuttles:

    Caltrain service operates 25 passenger minibuses. In the morning, the shuttle meets southbound trains 24-40 and northbound trains 39-50 at the Mountain View Caltrain station, and drops passengers at the front of SVC1. In the afternoon and evening, the shuttle picks up passengers from SVC1 and arrives at the station in time for southbound trains 58-80 and northbound trains 73-85.

    ACE service uses a 15 passenger van to meet all morning and evening ACE and Capitol Corridor trains at the Great America station. Like the CalTrain shuttle, the ACE shuttle also drops and picks up passengers from the front of SVC1.

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