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Asia-Pacific Internship Program

Work Hard, Play Harder

Work Hard, Play HarderMicrosoft Research Asia’s internship program, aptly named Stars of Tomorrow, has welcomed more than 3,000 students from countries worldwide. Learn more...

The Cradle of Future Scientists

As our researchers continue to develop ground-breaking technology, Microsoft Research Asia has become a partner of universities and governments worldwide. With more than 300 leading researchers and 1,500 publications in top journals and conferences, Microsoft Research Asia is the largest overseas Microsoft research institute. Microsoft Research Asia continues its mission to help the growth and development of future scientists by cultivating talent from all over the world.

Open, Risk-Taking, and People-Centric Culture

Open, Risk-Taking, and People-Centric Culture
As a thriving lab of more than 350 full-time employees and just as many interns, conducting research work in more than 20 different fields, there is never a dull day at work. Learn more...

Invaluable Mentorship Invaluable Mentorship
During their time at Microsoft Research Asia, interns work for a minimum of three months on-site alongside a personally assigned mentor, who provides advice, instruction, and support during the internship. Learn more... 
A Springboard for Success

Internship: A Springboard for Success
Provided with easy access to such invaluable resources, interns often find their time at Microsoft Research Asia starts them on a path towards a successful career. Learn more...