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About Technical Full-Time Positions

Be on the forefront of computer science research and technology development, working with world-class research colleagues on meaningful research and product incubations.

There are a variety of technical, non-Researcher positions in Microsoft Research, the majority of which fall into one of following groups.

Research Software Development Engineers (RSDE)

RSDEs are strong software developers with a Bachelor’s Degree, and often a Masters or Ph.D. in computer science, whose positions in Microsoft Research encompass a wide range of roles that can shift over time. Depending on the opportunity, RSDEs can collaboratively partner with researchers pushing the state of the art of computer science by engineering prototype technologies and components based on domain innovations, writing papers, and formulating patents. RSDEs can also be involved in the technical transfer of innovation into to the main Microsoft products, working with engineers and other roles across the company providing a great opportunity for knowledge gain and sharing, networking, and potentially being part of product definition.

Software Development Engineers (SDE)

SDEs are traditional product development software engineers. SDE opportunities are most commonly found in the Microsoft Research product incubations. We look for strong software engineers with a passion for version 1.0 product development and a proven track record for shipping product.

Program Manager (PM)

PM positions can be found in the product incubations as well as some of the research support groups. A Microsoft Research PM should excel at understanding customers and thrive working in small, dynamic teams doing what it takes to meet deliverables.

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

SDETs are most commonly found in the Microsoft Research product incubations. SDETs are extremely valuable members of out incubation teams. With a passion for quality, SDETs are the champion for the customer. Writing test programs to assure quality and developing test tools to increase effectiveness, some of our best developers are SDETs.