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Post-Doc Researcher Positions at New England

To be considered for employment for any post-doctorate opportunity at the New England lab, Microsoft Research requires your completion of an online application and the submission of the following:

  • CV
  • Publications list
  • Research statement
  • At least three letters of recommendation

How To Apply

You can review the biographies of our current post-docs and see our former post-docs.

This year, we welcome applicants with a strong academic record in one of the following areas:

  • Computational Biology
  • Economics & Computation: be sure to refer to special application instructions, below
  • Social Media: be sure to refer to special application instructions, below
  • Machine Learning, including both theory and applications (e.g. natural language processing)
  • Theoretical Computer Science: including algorithms, algorithmic game theory, cryptography, and mathematics

To apply for any post-doc position at Microsoft Research New England: Submit your online application.

  1. Indicate that your location preference is “New England, MA, U.S.”
  2. We encourage you to review which New England lab’s member is most closely related to your area of research, and add them in the "Microsoft Research Contacts" field, which can be found under the "Select Positions & More" section of the application.
  3. We encourage you to monitor the status of your requested letters of recommendation, as the application is considered “incomplete” until three letters of reference have been submitted. You can check the status of your application, including progress on individual reference requests, at any time by clicking the Status tab within your application page.
  4. Microsoft Research New England Application Deadlines
    To ensure full consideration, we ask all candidates (except Social Media candidates) to complete your application by December 1, 2015. A complete application includes three submitted letters of reference. Applications may be reviewed after the deadlines, subject to availability.

Special Instructions for Economics Candidates: Qualified economics candidates need not apply at the Microsoft Research site, and are instead encouraged to review our listing on the Econ Job Market website. Also, look for our JOE online ad.

Special Instructions for Social Media Candidates (you can also learn more here)

  1. Social Media Candidate Application Deadline: November 6, 2015
  2. Submit your online application.
  3. Indicate that your location preference is “New England, MA, U.S.”
  4. Select “Anthropology, Communication, Media Studies, and Sociology” as your research area, which can be found under the "Select Positions & More" section of the Microsoft Research application.
  5. Please upload the following three attachments with your online application:
    1. two journal articles, book chapters, or equivalent writing samples (uploaded as two separate attachments
    2. a single research statement (four-page maximum length) that does the following: outlines the questions and methodologies central to your research agenda (~two-page maximum length); provides an abstract and chapter outline of your dissertation (~one-page maximum length); offers a description of how your research agenda relates to research conducted by the Social Media Collective (~one-page maximum length)
  6. After you submit your application, a request for letters will be sent to your list of referees on your behalf. NOTE: THE APPLICATION SYSTEM WILL NOT REQUEST REFERENCE LETTERS UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION! Please warn your letter writers in advance so that they will be ready to submit them when they receive the prompt. The email they receive will automatically tell them they have two weeks to respond but that an individual call for applicants may have an earlier deadline. Please ensure that they expect this and are prepared to submit your letter by our application deadline of Friday 6 November, 2015. Please make sure to check back with your referees if you have any questions about the status of your requested letters of recommendation. You can check the progress on individual reference requests at any time by clicking the status tab within your application page. Note that a complete application must include three submitted letters of reference.

For any additional questions, email our recruiting team.

Microsoft is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports workforce diversity.