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XCG Cloud Systems

The Cloud Systems group within the eXtreme Computing Group in Microsoft Research aspires to make deliberate, breakthrough innovations in software systems and cloud technologies. We are currently working on a programming model and distributed runtime environment enabling rapid cloud-scale development, tools for analyzing large-scale data center networks, and system software to reduce operation costs and increase performance.

Current Projects
  • NetWiser
    Striving to deliver a highly reliable cloud network infrastructure
  • Orleans - Virtual Actors
    Orleans is a software framework for building client + cloud applications. Orleans encourages use of simple concurrency patterns that are easy to understand and implement correctly, building on an actor-like model with declarative specification of persistence, replication, and consistency and using lightweight transactions to support the development of reliable and scalable client + cloud software.
Previous Projects
  • Horton - Querying Large Distributed Graphs
    Horton is a research project in the eXtreme Computing Group to enable querying large distributed graphs. It consists of a graph library built on top on Orleans that targets hosting large graphs in a data center. The library provides a querying interface to search the graph for matching paths.
  • Marlowe: Intelligent Control For the Cloud
    Marlowe is a framework for building intelligent control systems for cloud computing. It spans from controlling hardware (heating, cooling and power) to resource allocation through job placement. Marlowe is composed of societies of intelligent agents drapped over a connical pub/sub interface. Specific control scenarios are built up using federated topologies of these agents.
  • Zeta
    Scheduling Interactive Services with Deadline and Partial Execution