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Wireless and Networking research group

The Wireless and Networking group at Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental research on all aspects of computer networking. Our group members' research interests span routing, infrastructure, cloud, wireless, mobile devices and systems, and new networking paradigms. We emphasize both analytical and empirical approaches, and build actual systems to validate theoretical results and refine system principles from experimental work.

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Current Research


Data Center Networking -- building connection fabrics for cloud computing infrastructure

As the IT industry enters the era of Cloud Computing, companies are building large data centers to host online services for our daily life. Data center networking (DCN) deals with how to connect millions of servers efficiently. Our group is among the first to make data-center networking a hot topic in research community.

  • Our pioneer work in DCN, on network architecture: DCell (SIGCOMM'08), BCube (SIGCOMM'09)
  • Network management: Address Configuration (SIGCOMM'10)
  • Virtualization: SecondNet (CoNEXT'10)
  • Congestion control: ICTCP (CoNEXT'10 - Best Paper), ECN* (CoNEXT'12)
  • Multicast and low-latency routing: Datacast (CoNEXT'12), RDB (CoNEXT'13)
  • Monitoring and diagnostics

>> More about our data center networking project


Software-defined networks (SDN) -- substrates for the new paradigm

We are among the first to define our own vision on SDN -- how to build high-performance network switches that are open, programmable, and manageable. Network devices should not be a separate class from compute/storage servers -- they should all be part of an integrated system. We started with developing a new switch architecture (ServerSwitch) and building software layers as the SDN platform. We are researching better mechanisms and systems that will empower the new SDN paradigm and exploring new networking services on the new platform.

  • Publication: ServerSwitch (NSDI'11 - Best Paper)
  • Switch models, abstractions, software substrates, virtualization
  • End-host networking, network understanding

Software radio -- empowering wireless revolution with the magic of software 

We foresee that the increasingly powerful multi-core architecture and parallel data processing will fundamentally change wireless communications. Software-based cognitive wireless systems will become much more powerful, flexible, and efficient compared with existing wireless technologies. The enabling technology is software radio (or software-defined radio, SDR). For the past several years, we have strike to build the best software radio in a very different way, and to develop programming models and tools that will greatly reduce the effort involved in implementing state-of-the-art wireless systems.

>> More about our new software-radio technology called “Sora” that has surprised the world


Future Wireless Networks -- computational thinking in the traditional field

The explosive increase in mobile usage demands constant revolutions in wireless technology. We have been engaged in a broad range of wireless research in PHY, MAC, cross-layer, MIMO, dynamic spectrum, whitespace, measurement, reliability, etc. Our approach has been one with "computational wireless" -- applying computer science methodology in a very traditional field.


Mobile Systems -- connecting people, devices, and information

mobile systemsOur large portfolio of mobile systems research covers exploring new paradigms and system mechanisms, and bringing mobile devices and the Cloud together to further improve a user’s mobile experience, and to enable a spectrum of new mobile applications that harness the power of the Cloud.




We are seeking exceptional researchers with experience and passion in computer networking and systems. We are particularly interested in candidates who can demonstrate high quality research taste and strong first-hand system building experience (such as OS, distributed, mobile, or embedded software), as well as potentials to achieve international visibility through research publications and product impacts. We also welcome senior candidates with an outstanding track record and professional accomplishments commensurate with their level of experience.


  • Researcher (all level)
  • Research Software Design Engineer
  • Research intern, visiting professor, visiting researcher

Additional Qualifications:

  • Creativity, self-motivation, and great team player.
  • Demonstrated ability to generate new ideas and innovate.
  • Strong analytical skills and hands-on system-building attitude.
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English.

Please send your CV to and indicate your interest in wireless and networking group.


  • We are hiring!
  • We don't know yet who is the Golden Boot winner in this World Cup, but our Jacky is now the all-time Golden Boot of MobiCom. He has 5 papers in MobiCom'14, which is a world record!

Recent Publications

>> Complete List


  • Best Paper Award, NSDI'11 (ServerSwitch)
  • Best Paper Award, CoNEXT'10 (Incast)
  • Best Demo Award, SIGCOMM'10 (Sora/MPAP)
  • Best Paper Award, NSDI'09 (Sora)
  • Best Demo Award, NSDI'09 (Sora)
  • Best Demo Award, MobiSys'08 (P&C)
  • Best Demo Award, SenSys'07 (BeepBeep)
  • Best Demo Award, MobiSys'07 (MobiUS)

More about our People:

Interns, Visitors, Alumni