Computer Vision at MSR Cambridge
Computer Vision at MSR Cambridge

The computer vision group in Cambridge is interested in the following areas of research: image and video editing, advanced medical image analysis, object class recognition, real-time stereo vision, remote collaboration, and visual tracking.

Research Themes

Image understanding

Understanding images

Image understanding with tens of layers, millions of classes, billions of images.

Human motion capture for Kinect

Understanding Humans

So much of computer vision is ultimately for humans, images of humans are an important special case

Image and video editing

Making images better

Pictures are an important part of our lives, and computer vision gives us the tools to enjoy better pictures.

Discrete optimization

Discrete optimization for vision

We are developing new discrete optimization methods for computer vision applications, such as segmentation, matching, etc. Most of the techniques relate to energy minimization in Markov Random Field (MRF) models.


Models for Video

One view of video is "all of the above, but faster".   We also try to explore new representations of video and new modes of interaction


Where are we?

Localization problems occur everywhere, from augmented reality to medical imaging to 3D modelling.

Application areas

 Medical image analysis

 Medical image analysis



Recent vision publications