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Visual Computing


Computer Vision is an exciting new research area that studies how to make computers efficiently perceive, process, and understand visual data such as images and videos. The ultimate goal is for computers to emulate the striking perceptual capability of human eyes and brains, or even to surpass and assist the human in certain ways. The Visual Computing Group at Microsoft Research Asia consists of an elite team of researchers and engineers whose expertise spans the entire spectrum of research topics in computer vision, from mathematical theory to practical applications, from physical systems to software development, and from low-level image processing to high-level image understanding. Research results from our group have made fundamental impacts on many important applications such as New High-Resolution Cameras, Face Recognition, Image Search, Virtual Earth, and Graphics & Games.

More specifically, our research activities are centered around several main research thrusts:

  1. Imaging and Photogrammetry, including high-resolution cameras, radiometric calibration, photometric stereos, 3D imaging and video, and image and video enhancement.
  2. Pattern Recognition and Statistical Learning, including data clustering and classification, manifold learning, and high-dimensional geometry and statistics.
  3. Object Detection and Recognition, including face detection, alignment, and tagging, video-based face recognition, and sparsity-based robust face recognition.
  4. Dynamical Vision, including object tracking, video motion analysis and edition, video summarization, video motion and object segmentation, dynamical photometric stereo.
  5. Interactive and Internet Vision, including interactive image segmentation, completion, and normal reconstruction, and image search and re-ranking, and large scale image and object retrieval, large volume of images visualization.

We are constantly looking for top researchers in the above areas to join our group at all levels. Please contact the group manager Yi Ma if interested.

Group News & Activities:

  • Tutorial on Robust PCA and its Applications by John, Zhouchen, and Yi at International Conference on Image Processing, Hongkong, September 2010.
  • Tutorial on Photometric Stereo by Yasuyuki, Bennett, and Moshe at International Conference on Image Processing, Hongkong, September 2010.
  • The group manager Yi Ma was interviewed by CNN about an article "Why Face Recognition isn't Scary -- yet." July 9, 2010
  • Our group has 15 papers published at the IEEE international conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), June 2010.
  • The group manager Yi Ma gave the plenary speech at the international conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing, July 2010. 
  • Microsoft Research featured story "Yi Ma and the Blessing of Dimensionality." May 28, 2010.
  • A new giga-pixel digital camera is developed by our researcher Moshe Ben-Ezra.