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TEM - Older projects

Digital Green: Improving agricultural extension for small-holder farmers

In 2009 Digital Green was spun out of MSR India into an independent NGO. Digital Green builds and deploys information and communication technology to amplify the effectiveness of development efforts around the world to affect sustained, social change. The Digital Green system combines technology and social organization to improve the cost-effectiveness and broaden the community participation of existing agricultural extension systems.
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Farmer recording with Digital Green

Financial service delivery to the poor 

Research to understand the ways in which low-income households access and use financial services from various providers. We study whether and how different technologies enable the use of lower-cost and higher-quality financial services by poor households.
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Digital slate used for microfinance

Mobile banking and payments

This project examines a range of mobile phone-based banking and payment solutions across countries, understanding the usability of m-banking systems by low-literate clients, the security of financial transactions conducted over low-end phones, as well as the social and economic context and impact of the new channel on low-income households.
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Testing m-banking in the Philipines

Kelsa+: IT access for low-income office workers

Kelsa+ is a program that offers low-income support staff in modern offices Internet-connected PCs for free, unrestricted use during their off-duty hours. This project assesses how such a program affects workers' basic digital literacy, and how that it turn affects self-esteem, skill development and work opportunities.
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Kelsa+ at MSR India

Information environment of micro-enterprises

Businesses with five or fewer employees, called micro-enterprises, support many rural and urban households in developing nations. We are conducting qualitative and quantitative research to explore the overall information and communication behaviors of micro-enterprises.
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Flower seller in urban India