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System Algorithms (SysAlgo)

In recent years, the field of computing has been revolutionized by the emergence of new paradigms such as cloud computing, multi-cores, mobile computing, big data, and new paths in machine learning. Algorithms play a key role in all these advances, and the interplay between system design and the use of sophisticated algorithms, optimizations, and protocols is becoming ever more complex and important. In the System Algorithms (SysAlgo) Research Group, we focus on problems at the intersection of algorithms and systems & networking research. Our goal is to study the fundamental principles and laws that govern the systems and networks that drive today's computing, and to devise state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize and improve these systems. Our research results have been published in numerous top conferences such as SIGCOMM, NSDI, ISCA, MobiSys, MobiCom, SODA, or PODC, and include multiple award-winning papers. At the same time, we maintain deep collaborations with various Microsoft product groups, and have applied our expertise in practice to contribute highly efficient, scalable, and robust solutions to their products.