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Artist Statement: The exhibition, titled 'Instance', is a presentation of work produced in collaboration with researchers and engineers during my residency at Microsoft Research. Fascinated by the way that emerging technology affects culture on a personal level, I focused on appropriating the possibilities I discovered here towards concepts that explore how technologically shapes, expands and limits visual perception. Both projects will be installed in Microsoft Research Studio 99 gallery starting on December 3rd. ---James George



Grip imagery8 Channel interactive video installation

Grip is a video installation occupying the two column video displays in the Microsoft Research Studio 99 gallery. Each column face acts as a window into an abstract 3D scene, occupied by the figures of two people suspended in a mutually sustaining pose. When a viewer approaches the column, the couple responds by breaking their grip and quickly falling out of view. Shortly they replace themselves in different pose and the cycle continues. The project was filmed using a 3D capture technology created by the Multimedia, Interaction and Communication group at MSR. I worked closely with researchers Charles Loop and Cha Zhang to adapt their systems towards creating this new project.


Wall Queries

Wall QueriesWall Queries is the first in a series of large scale murals created using the results of image search. The piece is a 30' by 9' canvas entirely covering a gallery wall with the results of a single search for 'squares'. A snapshot into a shared, the collage makes visible the scale of readily images and draws into focus specific objects and symbols culturally associated with each color and geometry combination. Wall Queries was produced with the help of Andrew Shuman and Malik Pradhan at Bing image search, who helped to access deeper queries than publicly available interfaces allow.


About the Artist

James George is a computational video artist and an adjunct faculty member in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, where he lectures on computational processes in video art. He has exhibited in Europe, South America, Japan, and New York.