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About Studio99

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Our Mission

Studio 99 is a new gallery space at Microsoft Research. Its goals are to express the creative talents of the MSR community and stimulate interesting conversations about the relationship between art and science. Many of the greatest scientists have also been artists, and the spark of creativity links both fields. By providing a space for science and art to interact, Studio 99 hopes to inspire new kinds of human expression, both scientific and artistic.

The Studio 99 team

Studio99 team, from left: Ann Paradiso, Neel Joshi, Hrvoje Benko, Asta Roseway, Gavin Jancke, Desney Tan, Andy Wilson (not pictured: James Mickens, Donald Brinkman, Michael Cohen). Photographer, Jake Knapp


Friends of Studio 99

Studio 99 would like to thank the following friends, without whose contributions Studio99 would not be possible:

  • Kris Crews
  • Jake Knapp
  • Research Media Works
  • MSR Hardware Team
  • Tambie Angel
  • Chuck Needham
  • Sara Dangel
  • William Dangel
  • Rick Gutierrez
  • Sumit Basu
  • Jennifer Haas

Also, special thanks to the following Studio 99 supporters:

  • Peter Lee
  • Jeannette Wing
  • Eric Horvitz
  • Yi-Min Wang