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Speech & Dialog Research Group

Research in speech recognition, language modeling, language understanding, spoken language systems and dialog systems


Our goal is to fundamentally advance the state-of-the-art in speech and dialog technology. To achieve this, we are working in all aspects of machine learning, neural network modeling, signal processing, and dialog modeling. Besides advancing our basic scientific understanding of natural language processing, our work finds an outlet in Microsoft products such as Cortana, Xbox, and the Project Oxford web services suite.

The Speech & Dialog Group is managed by Geoffrey Zweig.



In the past, the speech technology group has worked on other projects, including:

Former members of the speech group in Microsoft

Asela Gunawardana aselag Redmond
Kuansan Wang kuansanw Redmond
Hsiao-Wuen Hon hon Asia
XD Huang xdh Redmond
Mei-Yuh Hwang  mehwang Redmond
Fil Alleva fil Redmond
Li Jiang lij Redmond
Mike Plumpe mplumpe Redmond