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Microsoft's Gadgeteer Aims to Make Creating Gadgets as Simple as Building with Lego
Microsoft is hoping the 'Put tab A into slot B' simplicity of its Gadgeteer hardware platform will make it easier to build prototype gadgets.

ZDNet · 2 October 2013

Putting Your Work ID Badge to Work
An Interactive Belt-worn Badge with a Retractable String-based Input Mechanism, a note from Microsoft Research Cambridge accepted for CHI 2013, describes a computing prototype device designed to provide quick, easy access to useful information.

Inside Microsoft Research · 1 May 2013

Easy Prototyping With Microsoft Gadgeteer
Build your own consumer electronics with this system from Microsoft.

IEEE Spectrum · 18 March 2013

.NET Gadgeteer Stirs Excitement in British Schools
Wouldn’t it be great if youngsters could build their own gadgets at school? This is exactly what more than 70 British students, aged 13-16, are doing by using .NET Gadgeteer, from Microsoft Research.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 15 February 2012

A World of NUI: Steve Hodges
Steve Hodges of the Sensors and Devices team at Microsoft Research Cambridge discusses natural user interfaces in the wake of his demonstrations of KinectEffect during CES 2012.

Next at Microsoft · 26 January 2012

Microsoft ‘HoloDesk’ Project Takes Us Closer to "Star Trek"
A Microsoft Research project called “HoloDesk” uses a Kinect sensor to let people interact with 3-D virtual images as if they were physical objects.

GeekWire · 19 October 2011

.NET Gadgeteer: Launch Pad for Devices
A Microsoft Research Cambridge team combines modular hardware and .NET-based software to create a device that takes months off the time needed to create gadget prototypes.

1 August 2011

Students’ Task: Think Computer Science
On Dec. 11, more than 400 U.K. teenagers attended the annual Think Computer Science event, sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge.

17 December 2009


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