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Constructive Security

The Constructive Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge seeks robust solutions to real-world large-scale security and privacy problems. Our research topics range from distributed access control, to traffic analysis, and to secure protocol engineering.

People and Projects

Interests: security, programming, and distributed systems.

Projects: Secure Distributed Computations, CVK, F7, SecPAL

Interests: language-based security, security protocols, cryptographic software, Bayesian reasoning in security.

Projects: CVK, F7, Csec, SecPAL, Infer.NET Fun

Interests: cryptography, privacy enhancing protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, privacy-friendly smart metering, formal verification of cryptographic protocols.

Projects: Privacy-Friendly Smart Metering,SecPAL,F7

Santiago Zanella-Beguelin
Santiago Zanella-Beguelin

Interests: cryptography, differential privacy, language-based security, formal verification of cryptographic systems, interactive and automated theorem proving.

Projects: EasyCrypt and CertiCrypt

Interests: distributed systems, networking, and security. 

Interests: I am interested in scalable and reliable systems and networks. 

Interests: I am interested in security and data privacy in cloud computing. I am currently working on privacy-preserving access to remote data storage, verification of outsourced computation and data integrity protocols.

Security at MSR

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  • The Constructive Security group is always looking for exceptional researchers, post-docs, and interns. See the MSR Cambridge page for details of the application procedure. Please let one of us know directly if you apply. Cedric Fournet is Head of the Constructive Security Group, and leads recruiting activities.