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Security and Privacy (Silicon Valley)

We are currently investigating a broad spectrum of topics in security, cryptography, and privacy. These topics range from fundamental research on privacy in the context of statistical databases to new systems mechanisms for realizing security in operating systems to mitigating and preventive measures against worms and viruses.

  • Database Privacy
    Research related to privacy issues in data analysis.
  • Pasture
    Mobile user experiences are enriched by applications that support disconnected operations to provide better mobility, availability, and response time. However, offline data access is at odds with security when the user is not trusted, especially in the case of mobile devices, which must be assumed to be under the full control of the user. Pasture leverages commodity trusted hardware to provide secure offline data access by untrusted users.
  • Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ)
    Privacy Integrated Queries is a LINQ-like API for computing on privacy-sensitive data sets, while providing guarantees of differential privacy for the underlying records. The research project is aimed at producing a simple, yet expressive language about which differential privacy properties can be efficiently reasoned and in which a rich collection of analyses can be programmed.
  • Totient
    In this work, we explore the properties of the global PKI as it exists in practice. We then leverage this information to construct flexible mechanisms that allow observers to fashion individualized policies to determine certificate trust.